Box Board Supply, Inc. Located in Monroe, Louisiana  
Box Board Supply Inc. In service for over 134 years
clay coated board, bleached board, chipboard, linerboard, coarrugated medium, kraft paper, pulp  

Box Board, Inc.  offers a large variety of services but specialize in catering from small orders to truckload quantities. We provide sheeting, rewinding, and warehouse capabilities in three different locations: Bastrop, Louisiana, Atlanta, Georgia & Cottonton, Alabama

Specializing in:

Coated Virgin Kraft /
Solid Unbleached Sulphate

Rolls / Sheets / Rewind

Specializing in coated virgin kraft, sbs, rolls, sheet & rewind.
Distribution centers in Bastrop, Atlanta & Cottonwood Alabama
bleached board,paper rolls,chipboard,liner board,corrugated medium
  Box Board Supply, Inc. your source for:
  Bleached Board   Paper Rolls Clay Coated Board Solid Unbleached Sulphate
  Chipboard   Liner board Pulp Brokerage Sheeting  
  Corrugated Medium Kraft Paper Paper Board Brokerage Rewinding
  Pulp  Coated Virgin Kraft SBS